Why Direct Primary Care?

Employers -namely CFO’s and HR leaders- are desperately seeking innovative solutions to reduce healthcare costs in a way that doesn’t involve shifting the cost burden to the employees and their families. For employers of a certain size we not only offer special rate structures, but we’ll also come to your business on a frequency that works for you. Imagine that, your company’s very own Corporate Physician.

Having a Corporate Physician has its benefits:

  • 65% Reduction in Emergency Room Visits
  • 35% Reduction in Hospitalization Visits
  • 43% Reduction in Hospitalization Days
  • 100% Reduction in Urgent Care Visits (why use an Urgent Care when we’re here 24/7)
  • 66% Reduction in Specialist Visits
  • 82% Reduction Fewer Surgeries

Accessibility– Having healthcare without access or continuity is tantamount to rationing. Assuming you and your employees are assigned a physician doesn’t mean you actually see the physician at all, or without missing work. The average wait time for an appointment in the United States is 19.5 days, while the average appointment is 7.7 minutes.  The healthcare industry should provide a level of customer service commensurate with every other industry in the United States, so why are we settling for less? Our appointments are within 24 hours and a minimum 1-hour in duration.

Affordability– Traditional health plans repeat the same thing over, and over again. There is no cost management- only cost shifting to those least able to pay. A partial, or fully self-insured model in conjunction with Direct Primary Care results in a 30-60% reduction in healthcare costs. It may not be for all organizations, but you owe it to your stakeholders to ask more questions about how this works.

Alignment– Any insurance plan without a Direct Primary Care piece has misaligned priorities. At Skyline Direct Care, M.D. we have to prove our cost containment worth, year in and year out. The goal is to maximize employee health and minimize cost. In this model, the employer exercises control over the healthcare supply chain. For the first time the employer, employee, insurance broker and healthcare provider’s interests are aligned. That’s a concept that has never been a reality for employers…until now.

What is the dollar value of my savings?

It depends on two factors. First, whether or not your organization is traditionally insured versus self-funded. Second, the dollar value varies by company but a look at your claim activity by service category will tell you exactly where the cost savings exist.


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